So in exactly 2 weeks I get to marry this wonderful woman! She is such a blessing to me and everyone around her! Love her heart so much! Love doing life with her and I am beyond excited for this new chapter we are about to embark on! I love you partner in crime @saramorton10

Sooooooo last night was intense… Somehow @saramorton10 always seem to epic opportunities. Dude got teased and i got to ride in the same car that took him to jail. Thank you officer Dave and Francisco for the epic night!

Have you guys ever met anyone who would chase a lion??? The correct answer is yes. This guy!!

This happened! For the next 19 days I will be working on my shot! Then I will be married!

Stunning (at Meadow Mountain Trail Head)



Sara talking about Africa in front of the school today!! Love her!!

Loved zip lining today with this wonderful birthday girl!